Christmas Gift Help


Ask him!!

Hon - What kind of monitor were you hoping to get for your next upgrade?

1080P 1440p 4k? (This is the resolution)

Size( 24 inch / 27 inch - Ultra Wide )?

Gsync / FreeSync?

What you need to know is the type of Video card he has... and how much RAM is has..

Example if he has a GTX 1080Ti with 11GB of Ram - That is a high end Video Card and you want a really good Monitor which can cost a lot of money..

but if he has say a RX 580 then you would get a completely different Monitor..

You can just say you were looking into something like this because your GF / Mother / Friend was talking about monitors and you had no idea, but you know he was looking into them.. and ask him what he would get?

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