Christmas present for millenial mum

What childless Boys on Reddit will tell you: "Buy her a Game, good kid"

What your Mom will probably think: "here is a Game, dont talk/interact with me"

When you wanna get her Game, what about you just talk to her like "hey Mom there is this Game that we could play together, spending some Mother-Daughter time"

Or just some simple thing like crafting/drawing a Coupon Book with stuff like: Movie Night(obviously watching a Movie that your Mom chooses), Baking Day, Family Portrait, doing Stuff together in general.

Just give her good Memories with her Child (yes, you are still a child) you are 14, you probably gonna move out in 3-4Years and have way less time to spend with her. Will she remember and talk at future Christmas Eves that she jumped around with Mario? Or that you two coudled on the Couch, cry-laughing at Kevin James falling down somewhere? Probably the later one.

And Yes, i will probably get downvoted to hell from some little Boys who act like "eww who wants to spend time with their Mom".

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