Christmas Surge Here To Stay - County Tops 900K COVID cases and 12,000 deaths. Nearly 100K fresh cases in just one week and 16,982 new cases today. Death toll mounts, over 1,000 in just four days as 221 added Saturday.

I am in the Mid-Wilshire area. My husband and I decided to give LA a shot since we weren't super attached to the Bay Area, and he got a new job here in 2019 (they laid in him off at the beginning of covid, and now he has a different job that's fully remote, so we can move when it's safer to do so). I knew going into that I didn't love the idea of living in a city, but decided to give LA a try since it sprawls so much and is a bit of a different city compared to SF or NYC. Nope, still don't like it. I like quiet and nature and a small town feel. Ideally, I'd live on the Central Coast, hours away from the nearest large city, but I don't know if I'd be able to get a job there since my industry is kind of niche. Covid has made us realize we prefer the suburbs. What we've mostly missed is going to the mall, and eating at our favorite chain restaurants. We're boring old people at 29 and 30.

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