Christopher Hitchens Brutally Rebukes Rabbi About Circumcision [4:20]

I just don’t see how it’s horrible. It’s not like I’m mentally scarred for life because of it. I don’t remember it even happening to me… nobody does. You’re a fucking baby.

And as for the mutilation part, the definition of mutilation is “the infliction of serious damage on something” but it’s popular connotation is more akin to a bloody attack that leaves you hideously maimed for life. Now I’m not saying damage wasn’t done, but “serious damage”? That’s a stretch and a half. It’s fucking rhetoric meant to shock you and make you think it’s some bloody ritual done by some rabbi in a shed with a hack saw rather than a pediatrician. I’m not traumatized from it, nor is anyone I know who has had one. It doesn’t hinder me at all in the slightest. The whole sex drive thing is ridiculous. If it caused problems like that, the population would have dropped dramatically. The majority of porn stars (that I’ve seen) are circumcised, and they’re banging away just fine.

My penis feels perfectly fine and it has felt that way for as long as I can remember. It performs every single task it needs to as well as anyone else.

Female circumcision, denies a woman the pleasure of making love. That’s mutilation, and it’s on a completely different dimension than the practice of male circumcision.

This guy’s self righteous indignation and rhetoric is insufferable. Don’t we have bigger fish to fry than call every parent who has this procedure done “child mutilators”?

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