This chronic emptiness is killing me

I'm seeing my therapist on Friday- She already can't deal with my problems, and doesn't know where to start. I don't know it I can just tell her how I feel and say I need to see someone else.

I spent a lot of time with therapists who had no idea what to do with me even if they "specialize" in PDs, trauma, etc. If you have the opportunity to get another therapist, do it!
Mediocre and good therapy are miles apart. You can tell your current therapist "thanks but this isn't a good fit for me so I'm going to look into other options".

I got a referral from my general doctor for a psychiatrist but it took two months for the first meeting. Also, psychiatrists don't usually do therapy. Mine does, which is great but I think you'll have more success looking for therapy from a clinical psychologist or social worker. IMO the title isn't as important as the experience.

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