At the cinema, what is the funniest thing you heard someone in the audience say?

I actually think I did something similar at a showing for Breaking Dawn Part I. I had to review New Moon through Breaking Dawn Part I for my school paper so I just tagged along with my sister to the premieres and I shouted "Fuck Yeah, Charlie" whenever I thought he did something cool or funny because he was the only character in the franchise I could relate to. Honestly, as much as I hated those movies I had a lot of fun going to the premieres because they were always really funny.

Some other highlights from heckling the franchise with my sister:

  • A woman threatened to fight me because I referred to Jacob as a shirtless Indian.

  • A woman during a screening of Breaking Dawn shouting "Oh you better run, bitch, he gon' kill you!"

  • During a screening of the second film there was a trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 and this audience of teenage girls lost their shit at every jump scare. Anyway, at one point there's just a loud sound and then the number "2" appears on screen, and as all of these teenage girls lost their minds I shouted "OH SHIT, NUMBERS!", which earned a pretty good laugh.

  • At the end of New Moon after Edwards asks Bella to marry her the movie cuts to black, and all the teenage girls gasp. My sister's then boyfriend proceeds to shout "She said yes y'all, there's a whole fuckin' book about it."

There's more that I can't remember but those stick out in my head. Like I said, I had to go to like three of these movies for newspaper, and I still stand by the fact that while they were my least favorite movies I had to watch for assignment, the Twilight movies were my favorites to actually go to in the theater simply because I had so much fun cracking jokes about them and the audience's reactions to them with my sister. The closest I've ever gotten to that experience since was the Avengers premiere, with the difference being that I actually enjoyed watching that movie even without the audience adding to the fun.

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