Cinemassacre's Last Star Wars Review (Rise of Skywalker and Sequel Trilogy overall)

James was pretty spot on about this trilogy. Overall, it had no arc. It was 3 different stories they called a trilogy. It had no real direction almost the entire time. I say that as someone who enjoyed TFA well enough, liked most parts of TLJ, and thought this last one was okay.

These movies weren't as bad as the prequels and they weren't NEARLY as bad as many people made them out to be. But overall I don't think this trilogy had any real purpose other than to make a ton of money for Disney. They should've had someone (other than JJ Abrams) be a central showrunner from the very beginning and they should've had the entire overall story written out from the very beginning as well. Then you can let your directors fill in the blanks with each film.

Oh well. I'm done with Star Wars as well. I have no interest in the Mandalorian. I've read a few Star Wars books and I played some of the games. It's done for me.

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