Circumcising newborn boys increases their risk of cot death due to the stress of the procedure - and could explain why it is more common in boys than girls, study finds

To be fair, I made the first post before I started drinking! I was also on mobile so couldn't really be fucked with my reply's, but I'm at my trusty clakylacker and all sorts of inebriated, so strap and and watch whatever happens!

The lower incidence of circumcision in the UK is linked to a new antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea.

This may be the cause of confusion, to me it looks like you're saying people are stopping circumcisions because of problems with gonorrhoea.

I'm saying it's never been a thing here, it is out of the ordinary say the least. It is not common, is another way of saying that. Your link shows that it's 20% of males, mostly older and the younger having it done less and less. "3.1 percent of British boys will be circumcised by age 15".

I am saying it is decreasing here because it's never been popular, and it's getting less popular and rightly so, because it's fucking stupid.

Or do you mean, in dumdum me words, the lack of circumcisions in the UK is causing an antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhoea? Because that is just wild.

If so, where is your "link" to that. Don't link me something saying they're declining here when I said they were already unpopular. I don't want a link saying antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea is on the increase, I want the one that compares it to circumcision rates as well as all the lifestyle changes that have happened over the years (circumcisions wasn't one of them).

Don't start with that "learn how to interpret data" before you show me the fucking data. It looks like, to me, you're putting two sources together and just talking shit. Like I could link to antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea being at an all time high, and car ownership is also at an all time high, learn how to interpret data!

Because I have no idea what else you can be talking about. My anecdotal bullshit of it not being popular is backed up by the link you provided. You haven't provided any other data for this exclusively British foreskin culture super std


Super looking forward to the replies to this tomorrow.

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