City Analysis: Uber, Lyft Are Biggest Contributors to Slowdown in S.F. Traffic

Might as well put "no shit" on this one.

As much as people hate the idea of it, adding more parking would help reduce the amount of ride share cars clogging the roads. Deliberately building less parking doesn't force people to use public transit unless you dramatically reduce the options for ride-sharing. The majority of people will either take ride share since it's cheap and easy, or just not go to some places (which hurts local businesses) rather than hassle with public transit.

Public transit here is a joke - it's largely unsafe, takes twice as long at least as driving or ride-share, and runs at inconvenient times. For me, I could take a company shuttle to work, but there are only two time slots for pickup, neither of which fit my schedule, and only one slot for a ride home, which also doesn't fit my schedule. If I wanted to take public transit, I'm looking at 2-3x my normal commute time, which involves a mix of walking between stations, and waiting around due to limited slots. That leaves my options as either take ride-share or drive myself and fight for parking.

Ride-share isn't always safe either - I've had a number of drivers that were beyond sketchy, some creepy to the point where I've texted friends the driver info in case I didn't make it to where I was going.

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