City of Toronto releases updated ActiveTO Midtown Complete Street Pilot data

You seem to think the stats collected and presented are garbage because you don't like what the stats suggest. The reason why these pilot projects get approved is that the data shows them to be good over and over and over again. It's really that simple. Anyone who has done some bare minimum reading into these sorts of changes to our roads knows them to be positive, that we decide to do pilot projects rather than just doing it like with Paris is because of people like you who claim to not be against bike lanes but always take the anti-bike lane position. This complete street project didn't need a pilot project, it could have just been approved and done.

I'm not against bike lanes, its the lying about actual drive times that I have issues with.

You say this, but you always seem to take the anti-bike lane or in this case anti-complete street position. How many times do you have to be the anti-bike lane guy on /r/Toronto for someone to get their "i'm not against bike lanes with the implicit but" card taken away? Also, proof that the "actual drive times" collected is false?

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