Is civil right for me?

You choose the job that pays the most that you can stand to put up with for 40 hours a week, and hopefully you've made enough money to have some fun on the weekend.

I guess we have different views then. I do enjoy my work. Is it all wonderful and perfect? Nope, but nothing is. Some days I can't believe its time to go home because I was engrossed in my work. Other days I'm ready to leave at lunch. It depends, but for the majority of my time I would say I do actually enjoy my work. I live comfortably and don't need more money. My job is challenging and typically provides for a good day.

I agree that if I got a winning lottery ticket I would not work anymore. That makes sense. Most anything you do daily will get boring/mundane eventually so it makes to not do it everyday. But because of that reason, does not make the work you do bad in itself.

I've done manual labor also and have to say I also enjoyed that to an extent. Are some day worse than others? Yes, but after working all day, its great to be able to say you've done something productive. You've made a difference in some way. You've built/made something or at least helped it along the way.

After typing this out, it seems that I just enjoy putting in a good days work. Out of the jobs I had growing up, there was the one that I could not stand. Fast food worker. I never felt like I actually did anything. I stood there all day and occasionally took an order or made some food. Nothing much though. If I can walk away from what I did and know that I did something to help, it'll be good. Even if I did win the lottery, I would still work in some capacity. I cannot sit idle or relax all the time. I have to work and be productive. I found engineering to be the best for that for me.

So I guess I don't like engineering as much as I just like being productive and contribute to something.

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