Civil War Buff Opinions On “Modern” Issue

I strongly disagree with you on that opinion. While, yes, some sectors and individuals of the Confederacy were aimed at preserving the slavery and had a lower respect for people of color, it by no means was the objective of their efforts and you can easily find quotes from Northerners and unionists that had the same opinions as those southerners you quote. The War was based on economics which, consequently incorporated slavery at the time and was focused on the monetary aspects of the taxes on cotton exports as well as what was perceived as the northern businesses meddling with Washington DC in southern state affairs and statehood rights. There is much more complexity to the reasons of the Civil War then the mentality of “south bad/racist - north good/equalizers”. With all due respect, I believe it’s historical teachers such as yourself that seem to have a bias and one-sided view of that war and use target phrases like “white supremacy”. In fact I believe it’s historians like you that lead so many young minds into the biased misconceptions and overblown views of the south. You completely ignore how many in the north were equally racist at the time, you ignore the Draft Riots of NYC that had northerners lynching people of color and you act like Washington DC didn’t try benefiting from the economy of slavery while there wasn’t war. Neither side was perfect is my point. That’s why a decade or more ago, the Civil War was considered brother against brother to show how it was so close to home for everyone. In later years both sides forgave each other and even had parades and meetings together. Many of the monuments being torn down were erected by vets from BOTH sides. And it wasn’t treasonous for the states to secede from the union. That is what a republic is. The states can override and reject the federal sector if they vote to disagree and secede. Still to this day, any state can vote itself out of the Union. This is said with the utmost respect for your view and opinions, but I’ve spent decades reading deep on both sides of the wars from diaries to official documents. No way was it so mono as you make it.

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