[cj] its saturday knight and youre alone at home whats on your mind

I'm terrible at reading the situation but I legitimately think the timing hasn't been right yet.

Date 1- Drinks after work, hugged, she left, I used the restroom before driving home so didn't walk out together.

Date 2- Sunday brunch, walked her to her car but she was still a little sick (cancelled the Saturday date).

Date 3- Museum, middle of the day, did not get any vibes/ definitely didn't feel right. Texted me within the hour after we left to set up date 4.

Date 4- Dinner after work, walked her to her car, she drove me to the deck I was parked in, too much traffic to sit and fool around. Told me as I got out that we needed to hang out again soon.

Date 5- Dinner tomorrow, probably gonna happen.

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