[cj] TIFU

I saw someone I vaguely knew and just wanted to say hi as a way to acknowledge that 'yes I've seen that you one here too, I know we'll be seeing eachother at a monthly thing again, no I'm not going to date you but I don't want to ignore you either...'

So I'm writing a simple text, my simcard has a problem, I try to push it back, hit wrong keys, backspace a bit, fumble some more and somehow manage to hit the send button. So now, since I liked and sent a message her profile has disappeared from view until she responds... Which basically means that if she ever sees it I'll be that weird guy she vaguely knew that just said "Hello Susan. I shgs" on OkCupid and I have no way to send a follow up to correct it.

I have no idea what letters remain after the initial greeting. No way of checking, so I'm just preparing for the worst combinations I can think of. I can think of a lot apparently.

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