Clashes erupt between YPG & SAA/NDF in Hasakah (Live update thread)

If they were they wouldn't be arresting journalists. Are you being serious there or are you just joking around?

Why shouldn't government forces arrest people?

Consider the following; the US(allied forces) are already doing fly-overs over Hassakah to let Assad know they are not afraid of confrontation. Consider the following: The US has looked for moderate groups to go up against Assad. They can support YPG in Eastern Syria while giving other moderate groups support elsewhere. It's no mystery that there aren't a lot of moderate groups around, so this would at least decrease the number of moderates that are needed in North/Eastern Syria

The US army never launch airstrikes against the SAA when the rebels they were training, arming and funding were getting beaten. They never launched airstrikes last year when after the "chemical attacks". The current mission in Syria is specifically to target ISIS. That is why Kobane has western support.

Do you seriously think the US government loves YPG enough to accept the diplomatic fallout from attacking the SAA? How the hell do you think their Arab allies and Turkey would react when the fsa gets clobbered and a PKK terrorist group gets support? What do you think people in the West would say when the mission expands from ISIS to SAA? What do you think Russia, China and Iran would react? The US isn't governed by idiots and it's not in bed with the YPG. They keep a healthy distance from them.

That's where you are wrong. Kurdish people are ONE. Just like what happened at Kobane or Sinjar there is one thing Assad can expect now, Kurdish people from all over to pick up the battle against him. And when that happens Barzani cannot ignore it. "Unlimited support"...are you blind towards the developments regarding US & YPG cooperation?

Yeah you can sell this to other people but not to me. We both know that the Kurdish people maybe one ethnicity, it doesn't mean they are one group with a single political vision. Right now as we speak the YPG/PKK are having a dispute with KDP over the future of Sinjar. Barzani blocked supplies entering NE Syria for more than year. The YPG would kidnap, kill and arrest Pro-Barzani Syrian Kurds. These groups are rivals. The YPG is in part of the PKK while Barzani is pro-Turkish and West. He's not going to risk it all for his rivals who are considered as terrorists by the world.

Ah I figured it already but this part just screams that you are pro-Assad. At which point I call you a fascist supporting scumbag and ignore you. Like I've told daesh fuckers on this board: Once you think like a human you can reply to me again.

lol. I suppose I could ask what makes me a fascist but I'm not going to sink this low. I'm not going to bother talkign to you.

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