Class of 2022: How are you feeling with 2 days left with Ivy Day decisions?!

GPA: 96.12/100 (don't know how to translate that)

SAT: 1570 (790 English, 780 Math)

Intended majors: Environmental sciences/studies, urban planning/studies, or development studies

Intended minors: Whatever I don't do as a major from above, Eastern European/Eurasian studies, transportation logistics, or journalism


  • Worked since 8th grade as a fundraiser with a non-profit that brings utilities to rural Maasai villages in Tanzania
  • Internship with the city gov for 2 years working on transport- and sustainability-related outreach campaigns
  • President of a sustainable development-related club at my school which has brought in experts for lectures and worked on a native plants project
  • Co-president of the school MUN team -> Won three individual awards and three team awards
  • Contributor (not editor) for the school newspaper - I exclusively write about Eastern European, Central Asian, and Balkan affairs (the past two months has been very busy for me with the military buildup and war in Ukraine)
  • Member of the school debate team (not very good at it tho lol :p)
  • Member of the school history club

Demographics: Straight White male, upper middle class

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