A classic. Any0ne under 5’11 should fucking kill themselves

Yeah but as a 5’6 guy, I don’t see any reason I should love my height. Society uses me as a joke, how many memes and jokes are about a guy being short?

Lord knows you go on tinder and all you see are “nobody below 6 ft”, and there have been plenty of studies that have shown that a very low percentage would be fine with dating and having sex with someone shorter than 5’10. And before you say “but tinder is shallow and for hooking up”, well do you think short dudes don’t want to be part of the shallow culture and hook up and be desired? And tbh if you’re short you’re usually just sort of left out of that. A short dude can get a relationship, but hooking up and casual sex is a lot harder.

A bit of anecdotal evidence: at first I didn’t put my height in my bio on tinder when I was single and using tinder. I would get a decent amount of matches, but then I tried putting my height for a couple of weeks, I got a lot less. Then I put my height as “6’2” in my bio and I got way more, even than when I didn’t have any sort of height.

Height matters, and most women want a guy who is tall. Yeah it’s not every single woman, but it’s such a low percentage and it makes it hard to find women that will have that desire and lust for you. Really everyone wants to be desired and lusted after, and being short really kind of counts you out of getting that.

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