This classic song is over 10 years old now... Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) [Dubstep] (2009)

That is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve heard some flawed arguments before, but...yikes.

For one, you can’t use a word to define itself - at least, not if you’re trying to make sense. A song IS indeed a classic IF it is a classic (this statement holding NO weight and would do just as well to never be said- “the sky is the sky if it is the sky”), but there are requirements that make something a classic. And “standing the test of time” is absolutely one of those requirements. That isn’t something that’s up for debate.

I’m truly surprised how many people are upset over this. Being a classic or not doesn’t affect the QUALITY of this song whatsoever. So unless you guys are really that scared of someone not liking the song (which again, I DO like the song), I see absolutely no reason for everyone to get this butthurt over it. Then again, this is the internet, this is Reddit. So, misconstrue away!

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