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It seems like northernlions binding of isaac videos are getting a bit boring mostly because not many new things happen. Why is he even still doing new runs, he has already gotten every item, is it for the streak? The most exciting thing His videos have are cool synergies, but those dont even show up that often. So i was thinking, Why doesnt NL do binding of isaac challenge runs like he did with the original? There is a challenge run maker on reddit that he could use. link It even alows you to share runs with a link so that it can still be a suprise. It would certainly make his videos more fun. And he could do some regular runs between challenges or something like that.

Here are two challenges right here

The birds and the bees:

code: cmVkPTENCmJsdWU9Mg0KYmxhY2s9MA0KdHJpbmtldD0xMA0KY2FyZD03DQpzcGFjZT0zMjYNCml0 ZW1zPTg3LDIzMyw0Niw0Niw0Niw0Niw0Niw0NiwxMTcsMTg1LDQ4LDI0NSwzMzAsMywxMDQsMjU3 LDMwOSwyMjQsMzE3DQplbmVteUhQJT0xNDANCmJvc3NIUCU9MTgwDQpyb29tcz1hbix0cixkZQ0K

[This challenge is a fun one based around birds, bees and love. Some bosses and enemies can be a little challenging, but the challenge is not too difficult overall. You can pick up new spacebar items, but you must keep wiggle worm at all times.




Soy milk + spoon bender + piercing shots + 20/20 (for the look of swarming bees)

Pisces (so that the enemies are acting like they are being attacked by bees)

Fire mind + mysterious liquid (for the stinging effect)

Wiggle worm (for the buzzing effect)

Dead bird + dead dove (for the birds)

Love and sex related items (breath of life and VI - the lovers)

Tiny planet + Loki's horns + 6 luck (for the effect of creating a swarm)

The parasite + crickets body (for more "bees")] (/spoiler)

Suicide queen

[This challenge is very diffrent to the last challenge because this one is made to be extremely difficult and is supposed to be the suicide king challenge on steroids. I took everything in the original challenge and increased it. This challenge is also great for learning how to use "how to jump" as a dodging item




Ipecac + monstro's lung + my reflection (for the suicide part)

Moms wig (for the queen part)

How to jump (to help avoid the shots)

The wafer (so its not impossible)

Bobs brain + sad bombs (for more explosions)] (/spoiler)

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