Client stated lightning strike knocked power out and TV would not turn on.

Short backstory: Client bought new TV to be installed.

Arrived to see pictured TV lying against the couch. Client stated that when the power went out, the TV lit up like foil in a microwave and wanted to know if it could be covered by manufacturers warranty. Unfortunately for him he was about four months too late for the warranty.

But now, after hearing his story I just had to see what Mother Nature wrought upon this poor mans TV for myself. So I carefully opened up the back cover wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could see the raw power of a lightning strike taking a TV out in a show.

Now I’ll admit, I’m currently only occasionally training for repairs so I wasn’t quite sure what I would see, but it had to be something right???

Nah, all I got was a lousy crack.

Maybe there’s more to see in the panel, but it’s gone now...

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