Climate-change deniers are a danger to our security - “It is long past the time to challenge, confront, debunk and frankly, embarrass, adults who’d rather adopt some tribal identification than solve a pressing and all-too-real danger to the country.”

The Kilimanjaro and Arctic Ocean prediction were from Al Gore who is not a scientist. The NYC underwater prediction was from a single scientist who somehow got air time in ABC. These are what we call anecdotes.

You might also be familiar with the concept that not every place on Earth has the same weather at the same time and localized events can cause completely different weather patterns in other places. For example this year's El Nino (warming of the Pacific Ocean near the equator) is likely a driving force behind the wet snowy weather in the South and the drier warmer weather in the North and West.

As for your last ridiculous request, no, nobody has exact localized temperature models because that's absurd. Climate scientists assign probabilities to certain warming or cooling trends and using those temperature models we can extrapolate the effects based on current knowledge of local climates and ocean and air currents. Good science doesn't definitively state whether something will or won't happen. It assigns statistical likelihoods of things occurring.

Anything else you need help with?

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