Climate change and warming seas are transforming tropical coral reefs and undoing decades of knowledge about how to protect these delicate and vital ecosystems

Collecting specimens as a hobby is almost never beneficial for the specimens, especially since this can lead to invasive species when just one irresponsible owner lets them into the wild or just as bad, abuse the animal. In addition, exotic animals usually face further loss of already small remaining populations. Non-domesticated species are meant to live in the wild and shouldn't unless they absolutely can't like seen in many zoos or legit rehab centers. But even so they will never be and cannot be used to replenish habitat that they've never lived in once they've lived in a tank because they will not have the survival skills needed. The logical best choice is to stop destroying the habitat that endangered animals live in. As a nice side effect humans might have a healthier life support system and not increasing concentrations of CO2.

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