The Clinton campaign is financed mostly by big banks and financiers while the Sanders campaign is financed mostly by unions representing the working, middle class.

Wow, you really think Jon Stewart is more powerful than the Koch brothers. I am flat-out astounded that you are both naive and a sophist beneath contempt. I can't believe you're acting like the media, whose job is to report the news and inform/affect the public, is equivalent to two people donating a billion dollars for their personal interests are the same thing.

And you cannot even parcel out my argument. You really are a fucking muppet, you know that. I DO have a problem with influence over elections, but you changed the definition of "influence" to mean mean "speaking your mind on a comedy show is the same, if not more powerful, than a billion dollars." Not to mention, Stewart is up front about his position within the media. He constantly points out how he is a comedian on a tv show and people should investigate the issues for themselves.

On the topic of affecting legislation, again, you can't parcel out my argument: the Koch brothers affect legislature by buy legislators. Going after individual legislation is irrelevant when you control the pursue strings of those responsible for creating laws. And are you also simply unaware of the Koch's lobbying power? Do you not think that their industry (which is mostly a fossil fuels) is not responsible for the Republican stance on climate change?

I'm going to link some article outlining their agenda and how their money influences and affects legislation and policy. I'm worried that since they're from places like the New York Times and Forbes you'll have a hard time keeping up. If you need some help, just wipe the drool from your mouth and shoot me a PM.

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