Clitoral knowledge and gendered sexual scripts appear to play a key role in women's orgasm experience

Says the guy using “the fundamental motivation of scientific inquiry” to justify “being good at sex makes sex good”.
The problem isn’t even just that the research was done in the first place, it’s the fact that someone thought it was interesting enough to post to reddit and that even more redditors were interested enough to upvote this shit.
You don’t have to upvote every single thing just because it’s science. Out of all the questions we’ve put time, money and effort towards looking for the answers to, reddit has decided that one of the most pressing and important questions is “does knowing how to eat pussy make you better at eating pussy?”

You guys have become a parody of yourselves I cannot believe this sub isn’t satirical.

And the fucking irony of unjustly going after any criticism as “iamverysmart” while dismissing it as a “misunderstanding of the fundamental motivation of scientific inquiry” as if this shit’s actually super important and you’re totally smart for knowing how important this shit is.

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