Clonazepam for quitting

I would take it only when you need it (panic attacks, caving in to using kratom, etc). Benzodiazepines have their own addiction and withdrawal that can be equally as problematic as kratom addiction. I would instead opt for large vitamin C doses a few times a day and Clonidine (requires a prescription, but a doctor will give it to you if you explain why you want it).

Clonidine has a similar effect on withdrawal as Clonazepam will, but is not really addictive. You wont have trouble reducing your usage of it once the withdrawal is over. So yeah, me personally, having been through this a bunch of times, I would just save the clonazepam for crisis moments and otherwise not use it. If you intend to be on it long term for anxiety this doesn't apply, but keep in mind, it has a withdrawal in the same sense that kratom does, and it would be best to avoid trading addictions.

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