The closest thing we have to a rule about this Revoke Article 50 petition is the rule about recalling MPs. Only 10% of eligible voters need to sign a petition to remove an MP from their seat, and we hit that at 9:25pm-ish on Saturday with the petition.

Is there an ELI5 version of this?
If I'm understanding this correctly, this is saying that 10% of a constituency can out their MP if they petition to do so but this will only be considered if the request to out the MP is because:
they are convicted in the UK
If they are suspended from the House following report and recommended sanction from the Committee on Standards
If they are convicted of an offence under section 10 of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009

These reasons to recall aka out an MP don't give a lot of leverage to the claim 10% of eligible voters can recall their MP. The only MP I was able to find that any automatic trigger had happened was with

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