Closeted NON-cord cutter, just obsessed with ALL streams+OTA. Not that many here REALLY cut the cord anyway.

Speak for yourself. I would get T-Mobile home internet. It wasn't available when I moved into the home. The house was hooked up for satellite. I had the technician disconnect that and I'm going with Cox. I don't subscribe to Cox video services. Strictly internet.

But I'm not too good to go with mobile internet. You expect us to do this when we have a soft cap of 100 GB? No one wants to watch 480p all day. That's the only way I could stick under the 100 GB soft cap with my current usage.

Cord cutting is a figure of speech. It means that you aren't watching cable anymore. But a lot of people in here are making the best of it with an antenna and OTA. Which is more than I'm doing.

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