Closure; Hope leaves

Indeed, it is possible they are fed up--I wrote about that at length in the long letter I scrapped. I also discussed the issue of fairness, and how people may hold different ideas about closure. I admit that my desire for closure as I envision it is selfish, but I also believe that a peaceful resolution would likely do them good as well (they are self- and other-destructive and repeat the same bullshit with everyone they meet).

I find it interesting how hostile you come off and the assumptions you make. While I have always owned up to my faults and apologized, the women I pursue are not the kindest, most stable people on the planet; I'm usually mistreated in a pretty bad way, but make excuses for them and accept the abuse.

It isn't about power, but a need for validation, and a desire not to be hated--it hurts knowing people you loved think you're scum. And I actually have contacted them, and they don't want to discuss it--which is the point of the post. The pleading for closure, apologizing, begging for forgiveness, explaining, offering to make amends, etc. is summarily ignored or rebuked.

Indeed, it is a pattern. I am apparently attracted to and attract mentally ill, manipulative women. It's a pattern I want and try badly to break, but despite thinking each one is different, it always turns out the same.

The closed-minded seeming man-hating isn't appreciated. I'd recommend you open your eyes to the reality that men aren't all devils and women aren't all angels. I tend to be in what is usually considered the "feminine" (passive, communicative, emotional, etc.) role, and find myself attracted to stereotypically "masculine" (cold, noncommunicative, afraid of commitment, etc.) women. Had I a vagina, perhaps you'd take my side.

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