Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses / LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs - Losers' Bracket Round 2 / Post-Match Discussion

It's so frustrating because they clearly wanted to change things up, which is why they brought him in, so they could have at least seen how it went for a split. Yes they run the risk of it not working out, but they would learn a ton from the experience of taking a different approach. And it's not like their backup plan was great. It may have been a different story if they brought in a well highly regarded coach, but what they did was so underwhelming.

Even strictly from a business point of view, considering it's only spring, it would be more entertaining and bring in more fans to have LS around. And if he's successful then you find out your existing system wasn't as good, and if he fails, then you can get rid of him much more gracefully with way less community backlash, because their brand took a big hit from all this.

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