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There are a lot of videogames on steam and the list keeps growing everyday. But what is it about payday 2? What makes me comeback everyday? It's the fact that without a doubt you are THE badguy in the game. There are very few other games where the whole premise is breaking the law. Another thing I love is that that I can roleplay as my favorite characters in shows and movies. Heat, Point Break, John Wick, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Goodfellas, The Town, and The Dark Knight. All of these great movies and t.v. shows. In the Big Bank Heist I can be the joker, in the Hoxton Revenge Heist, I can be John Wick pulling off a hit, Literally! Unfortunately the point break heists are inspired by the new movie, but IT STILL FITS THE THEME. I CAN BE AN EX-PRESIDENT. No matter the heist (except car shop) I always end with a smile on my face and I feel badass. With an emphasis on the bad. And the fact that Overkill listens to the community so closely just puts the cherry on the top. Keep heisting everyone! :)

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