Clown World: Seattle Yoga Class Offers Exercise In ‘Undoing Whiteness’.

They told you what "whiteness" means. It isn't about skin color or privilege, it is about uncontrollable threats to their agenda. White people have created all the political and ideological movements that challenge their power for hundreds of years. For better or worse, conservative and liberal.

This is what they call white privilege but in reality it is political power. The people will swing back at their overlords using their left and right hands. Political power is gained by seeking influence from both sides. White people can flip at the drop of hat depending on how angry they are. They perceive minorities are being completely controlled by one side thus easier to control.

When black people are outraged by injustice in their community they only have other leftists or Democrats to seek out for justice at the ballot box. If black people started revolting against this by voting for conservatives, there would he competiton of ideas. These communities could be fixed instead of left to decline by disinterested Democrats who have nothing to gain by rocking the boat.

They want the second situation instead of the first.

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