[CM/cf] Been lurking. Here is my story.

After an extended absence from the U.S., I added (and was requested to add) some family members on Facebook. One of the friend requests was from a female cousin. I was immediately taken aback by how hot, adorable, gorgeous, cute, etc. she was. We had never met before this point, since I have not really been in contact with her side of my family.

She was young at the time (15), and was very interested in my prior career field, since she was looking to follow the same path. I kept everything strictly platonic, since I have never thought about any type of incestuous relationship and she was too young even if not related. So we spent time talking about my former line of work and I gave tips and advice on how to follow the same route.

Some months passed, I spent some time browsing her photos (god damn did she have a young, tight, hot little body. She had recently turned 16 by this point), we spent a lot of time talking about my former career. And then we slowly stopped talking. Mostly due to my busy daily life. Admittedly, I revisited her profile here and there and took care of "business."

Just before she turned 17, she reached out to me again to see how things were going. We started talking again almost daily.This was the point that she brought up hanging out. She would ask what I was up to and if we could go to the range so that I could teach her about firearms. We talked again for a month or so before I had time to bring her to the range.

We spent a couple hours at the range while I taught her about the different guns that I had brought, firing techniques, firearm safety, etc. And once She had her hands on those guns, it was all over. Not only is she hot, but her standing there on the firing line, her perfectly firm tits jiggling ever so slightly with every trigger pull, her ass bouncing every time she fired a rifle... it sent me over the edge.

Soon, my hands were on her shoulders to correct a stance, holding her hands to guide a steady trigger pull, on her hips to adjust footing, and each time she would have the slightest little smile at the corner of her mouth.

After the range time was done, it was time to go home. She had already packed an overnight bag. (as it was a 40 minute ride or so, she asked if she could stay over so that I "didn't have to drive her home" and it was just me in my condo.) We stopped and picked up dinner on the way home, plopped down on the couch, put on the TV and ate.

To my surprise (and pleasure) she sat right up against my leg on the full sized sofa. We talked more about the range and the guns. Small talk really. I don't think that either of us was really nervous. All the while, she made sure that she was pressed up to me as close as she could get. This was it. I knew what she wanted, and I knew what I wanted.

We stopped with the small talk. she turned her head, kissed me, and flipped her leg over and straddled me on the couch. It took about 30 seconds to go from kissing to clothes being pulled off. Balcony blinds open and all. I spent what seemed like an eternity exploring her body with my tongue and hands. I could not believe how firm and round her tits were. And she took every opportunity to push my face into them...

Now she is almost a foot shorter than me and was all of 110lbs, so after a few minutes I grabbed her tight little ass and just stood up, pants already around my knees. It took a couple steps to kick the pants off, and I carried her into the bedroom.

She was so petite that it took no effort to hold her out in front of me and set her on the bed lying on her back. I spent the next few minutes slowly caressing her body and licking and kissing her from her knees to her neck. The inside of her thighs were so soft and warm. Her pussy was absolutely dripping. Her stomach was firm yet SO supple. Her nipples were so perfectly perky. And her neck was sweet yet just salty enough from the sweat that we had worked up.

Once I made my way to her neck, she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me close. It was time to feel her perfect, warm, wet, tight little pussy around me. And tight is an understatement. I am not the biggest guy around by any means. Probably around 7 1/2 or 8 or so. Once I got the head in, her head went back and she made the best face I think I have ever seen. I got maybe 3 inches or so in and she was pulling back but at the same time she was pulling my ass towards her with her feet. I have never seen anything like it before. She wanted me to push, but she couldn't take any more.

Honestly, it didn't last long after that. There was no holding back, with how hot things had gotten. It wasn't even fast paced, but between her pulling her body up to mine, the way that she pushed against me to feel me inside her but at the same time tried to keep me from going all the way in, the way that her perfect tits bounced when we moved... The first time that I felt myself thrust as deep inside of her as I could, She let out the most amazing moan, she shivered, and she asked me to cum.

It was one maybe two more thrusts, and I had to pull out. I came all over her stomach, the next pulse landing on her neck, and the next was all over her goose bump covered tits. Then we slept like babies.

The next morning was not overly awkward. A bit of course, but not unbearable. I attribute it mostly to us never physically meeting before the night prior, and to the age difference, but we still talked normally when I took her to breakfast. She stayed over again not too long after, and that night went along the same lines as the first.

We have maintained a bit of contact. A few years later now and I am married. She has followed the path that she was planning to. She is now overseas and is in a relationship that has been going on for some time. Here and there one of us will "like" a comment or status on Facebook just to say "hey, I am still here. Remember that time?" but contact is minimal. And only time will tell if circumstances will ever lead to us getting in some range time ever again.

Thanks for bearing with the long-winded story! Throwaway account for obvious reasons. (editied for paragraphs that original post didn't allow.)

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