C'mon Apple. This is bullshit.

Uh, yeah. Name a Mac OS trojan that operates the way you describe. Just one.

Hasn't been one in a while, but Oompa-Loompa / Leap would be the one that comes to mind. But that doesn't really matter, since new malware is written every single day, and Apple stopped supporting 10.6 almost a year ago, no updates to Leopard since 2013... If my boss found out I had a server 2 years out of date, I'd be shown the door.

You barge into this comment thread with criticism, and none of it is constructive. If you're a fucking expert, post some links that will help me instead of lobbing insults from the cheap seats.

I gave you my constructive criticism in my first post, that whole notion of upgrading... The logic that "nothing's broken, so don't fix it" is totally wrong when the simple fact of being old and unsupported is in of itself "broken". My expert (which, sure I've been in IT long enought to say that) option would be to nuke this machine from orbit, and establish a file server that is backed up (with backup software that I can call support for). The clients can sync docs with the file server. Although that's asking for a perfect environment, which you probably don't have. I would not touch time machine in an corporate environment (again). I've gone down that road, it's the path to the dark side.

The server came with 10.5. I upgraded to 10.6 and it kernel panicked twice in a half hour. Of course I downgraded it. Why is that hard for you to comprehend?

Because I would have blown it away the moment it had a kernel panic problem, and went to the backup I took moments before trying a upgrade on a production server. This is to ensure that I don't have some sort of frankenstein server that has parts of 10.5, parts of 10.6 and that Apple will never, never agree to support. I can't CYA if I can't call apple.

All of this comes down to having someone to call when your backups fail. And right now, apple won't take your call because you run out of support shit.

An IT person (IMHO) is directly measured by the reliability of his backups (to the extent that he can control them) It's one of those things that's fairly easy to get right, but god help you if you get it wrong.

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