C'mon OP, give us some updates!

I don't know how I can clear up the other questions clear enough for you, but the way I understand the NDA is it takes effect when all parties involved have signed and some other technical stuff that the two lawyers handled when they were going through the other stacks of papers. I'm not sure if it's a "waiting time" thing for me or them to explore more options and change their mind or if other people need to come in and formally sign some stuff. All I know is I covered my ass and deleted the post. It's mirrored but I never mentioned the company,my name,my state or any names. I might delete my account but I don't know if that's just being paranoid.

Let me try this account this again.

ok, this is a hypothetical example.

there are 2 servers. Each server has tools and computer information for employees. One server is on site locally and the other is off site in another state(I think, I actually don't know where the HD is).

Server 1 has stuff like E-mail,paystubs,schedule and your main login with name that is tied into Server 2. BOTH of those had my name spelled wrong.

So Joe Jones is hired but they input his name as Joe Jons Server 1 can correct the issue and access his e-mail with the correct name and that ties into the Server 2, but now there is a conflict, Server 2 Doesn't have "Joe Jones" listed as an employee. Joe Jones needs to have Server 2 changed so that all tools tied to that account show up when he logs in to the main account that runs on Server 1 so that Server 1 says "Joe Jones logged in, let him into Server 2 and Server 2 says Oh, ok we found Joe Jones, heres all his stuff"

Hope that kind of makes sense.

Why nobody stepped in? No clue fellow redditor, no clue. Either everyone is scared of HrMan or just didn't know how to react. Hindsight is 20/20 and I should have kept my cool and asked to speak to BigBossMan right on the spot. If I had, I would be at work right now....probably on the phone with HD again trying to fix my logins and getting ready to get off in a few hours.

My lawyer friend told me that he was NOT an employment lawyer and he would be happy to go with me but it was not his field. I just wanted someone by my side, for support and advise. If things had gotten more difficult or double talk had taken place he would said "This is an area I can't help you".

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