CMV - Rape laws are biased against men

Riiiight, the law says that if two drunk people have sex then the man raped the woman. Case closed, pack it up we're going home. You honestly have some sort of ulterior motive to lock up the entirety of the male population don't you? I mean... assuming that a woman can't rape is something that only a really shitty person would do.

If two people both cannot give consent do something that requires consent, they cancel eachother out. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too wtf? Honestly in your janked up drug fueled dystopian view of the legal system, what is stopping a woman from going to a bar, starting a harem orgy, and then waking up the next day and sending every single man in the bar to prison? Honestly people like you are the reason that some men feel like it's a crime to have a penis. I know I do. I walk around ashamed every day that I have to be associated with rapists and murderers by people who generalize as hard as you do.

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