CMV: Aggressive drivers should be charged with something stronger than Reckless Driving, as it is not successful as a deterrent.

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree partially with you. First off, I'm less concerned with speeding, even though it does increase the risk of fatality in an accident. Speeding in and of itself is not a cause of increasing accidents, as studies have repeatedly shown. A max speed of 55 MPH or 75 MPH will (as a general rule) have the same amount of accidents. What changes is how many people will die as a result of those accidents.

The title says Aggressive Driving, which is more than just speeding, it's cutting lanes, tailgating, etc. Perhaps I didn't address this properly in my original post, but I agree entirely with increasing the frequency and probability of punishment, as you put it. That being said, even if we do that, the punishments today for the crime of reckless driving are laughable.

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