CMV: Amazon warehouse workers who believe their job is truly awful either have no grounds for complaint or should quit, since, from their perspective, it should always be better than continuing to work for Amazon

Sort of, Walmart yes, Burger King no.

These factory jobs should be a few step above standard minimum wage jobs. Like, the people who would work at the Ford Factory for 20 years.

But, there's not nearly as many factories and like any big business Amazon is shoving it's factories in giant city centers which is where I think OP is wrong. People in these towns don't always have the mobility OP is thinking they do. This is the factory job in town and the people have to work. Amazon knows this and knows they're stuck.

Back to your point, Walmart is more like this because Walmart causes lots of local businesses to shutter and leads to this problem. You'll have several small towns where Walmart is the epicenter and it's work here or figure out how to develop a skill to get work in a factory just hope it's not Amazon I suppose.

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