CMV: Any opposition to the Covid vaccine is almost entirely political, and not at all based on science and medicine

So why do steroid users who inject themselves multiple times per week never get myocarditis? I've knicked more veins than I can count when injecting and had tren cough many times. Never had myocarditis after years and thousands of injections.

That literally makes zero sense, it's not the vaccine itself, it's intravenous injection. But if you stick a needle in your vein and inject saline you're not going to get myocarditis unless the needles dirty as fuck.

There's one variable here and it's not intravenous injection... it's what's in the injection.

And I'm vaccinated for what it's worth so don't come at me with that anti vax bull shit. It's possible that the vaccine isn't as safe as our dear government and media makes it out to be. Wouldn't be the first time a vaccine has been found to be unsafe.

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