CMV: being a conservative is the least Christ-like political view

Additionally, concerning western countries, it seems to be a purely American ideal that "the government won't get it right."

Here's an idea, work to structure a government that will get it right, with an amount of control through a democracy of rule by the people, rather than relying on churches and charities. I can't fathom how the government is going to do the job with any less grift than the multitude of mega-churches with their 7-figure income pastors (who essentially steal their income from the congregation, who probably "believes" that money is going to "good will" somewhere), or the equally nefarious "non-profit" charities with 6 figure CEOs who can't seem to keep their thrift store lights on.

Such delusion. At least within a democratic government, the majority of the population is supposed to be able to direct the goodwill of the nation, rather than the majority of those in a particular belief system.

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