CMV: being a conservative is the least Christ-like political view

Asserting “conservatives are all about greed” shows where you’re coming from. You should be seeking to understand conservatism & capitalism better, rather than asking how your negative assertions about half of all American people relates to your positive characterizations of Christ.

The truth is both sides have good intentions and believe their ideology is what’s best for society.

Your question should be seeking to understand the merits and principles of these two opposing ideologies. If you truly understood them, you would know there is not a clear best choice answer and it really boils down to belief in which system is most likely to work best; people who understand both sides know and acknowledge that their preferred side is not objectively better and that the other side might be best.

I don’t know where to start with that because I don’t know where you’re at with it. You need to ask some questions about capitalism.

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