CMV: Being a short man is a lot worse than people try to make it seem on reddit

There are like 20 posts about this on CMV, why has this become such a meme...

Anyway, to your post:

"I'll start off by saying that I'm 22 and 5'6". It's not that bad.

That being said, I never felt bad about my height until I went on the internet and saw people's opinions (read more before commenting based off this sentence). I'm not talking about incels loathing in self-pity. It started before the incel stuff. I'm talking about people saying shit like "if you're a man under 5'9" you're literally genetically inferior." Verbatim one thing I've read. But no one cares if I feel bad about that."

I will say that if you have only been feeling bad about it since reading a load of toxic crap on the internet maybe it isn't always so bad. Don't you think that logically it must be the other way around, then?- you're feeling bad because people make it seem worse on reddit than it is irl?

Other people's thoughts are none of your business: so long as they conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner that's as much as you're obliged to ask of them.

On the other hand, if you feel like you get talked down to or talked over or made to feel inadequate irl, then maybe it is something that deserves attention. But to me it sounds like most of your problem comes from too much reddit

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