CMV: I believe that the Gay Marriage discussion isn't as important as the media portrays it to be

3 quarters of the population of the earth 'know' that so~called homosexuals are 'paraphiliacs' and beat them to death, section them or marginalise them, because of the lengths they're prepared to 'lie' to, in their obsessive fantasy~world.

E.g. Even if you 'let' them lie to the extent they atypically~do, the 'PARAPHILIAC' then pushes~the~envelope further, to get even more of your 'attention' for their old~rope.

The reality is, best seen, in RUSSIA, where Putin has 'banned' so~called homosexuals from 'pretending' to be homosexual anymore; in fact he's made it an imprisonable offence to 'pretend' to be homosexual any longer, moreover he's banned them from promoting homosexuality in 'any' way shape or form, especially to children.

Furthermore, 'paraphiliacs' are routinely beaten publicly and videos of it uploaded to Russia's facebook, which receives 'countless' hundreds of thousands of 'approving' happy 'humans' celebrating the 'paraphiliac' being physically~abused and their hair shaved and a 'rainbow' painted down the middle of their head.

The 'reason' being, that 28 out of every 30 so~called homosexuals, whom they contact, 'admit' to being a 'pedophile;' then arrange to meet the 'child,' where the Russian 'human men' are waiting instead, to beat them and publicise their 'deserved' comeuppance.

You can now find whole girls' schools 'posing' with the bent~thumb 'sign,' in their year book, which has become so popular in Russia and is a sign of solidarity between 'humans' who are 'united' against pathologically~lying lunatics, who 'groom' and rape children, who 'pretend' that they're homosexual, when their fMRI brain~scan proves they're a 'megalomaniacal psychopath,' with a solitary pathology ingrained down the middle of their 'hair~brain.'

So think again, how 'thankless' the evil 'sex~offenders' are, in the west; as not only can they march down the middle of the road wearing woman's dresses, the pathological~liars 'never stop' wanting more, of what they've no right to in the 1st place. As you're 'all' at the funeral of their ego.

So called homosexuals, are lunatics and their mother~nature's own~way of thinning a herd. It's 'no~coincidence' that EVERY serial~killer, in the list of the top 50, declared themselves to be a 'homosexual,' including the females.

They're primitive, evil~addicted, 'cerebral' and somatic sex~offenders, who are 'existentially~envious' and after the truth~fearing, hollow attention~whore 'gets' what it wastes your time on, it then doesn't want it anymore and 'demands' something else; which it will 'target' the parts of your brain, which it 'doesn't' have function in, to get.

The creator of 'this' website was ASSASSINATED by 'paraphiliacs' for having evidence on M.I.T., which he was about to use to 'expose' that SUBHUMAN SCUM, who now 'unsurprisingly' run reddit and their bird~brains will instantly flock to have the 'awful' truth banned and 'pretend' I AM WHAT THEY ARE. I repeat, any imbecile who 'pretends' that EVERY word of this magically~isn't~true, will be impotently~hoping that they've magically become the 'arbiter' of reality, but I'm sure there will be countless sock~puppets to lie~along with them.

I'll not be back to read it anyway. I learned everything I know about the 'extremely~self~deluded' ego~maniacs, from this Christlike man who 'exposes' the unselfaware, morally~vacant 'superficial' shower of shite and the Zionist Jew's agenda behind all that 'hell~bound' pedophile filth:~

Ciao Che'

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