CMV: I believe that the underperformance of American schools in urban districts is not due mainly to the underfunding of these schools, but rather a general undervaluing of education by the students' peers and families

The rest of this discussion is reserved for topics such as: educational resources available to specific populations of people, how those resources impact individual student performance, and how representative the recordings and calculations regarding performance are of the attributes they claim to measure. You can talk about those topics there.

I have some understanding of the research in the psychometrics endorsed by accrediting bodies, such as the APA. I also understand how the results of those psychometric must be considered given their context, historical and contemporary. Understanding the impact of individual context and circumstance when interpreting the results of psychometrics is key to interpreting their results. Furthermore, all generalizations are open to criticism and discussion. That's what keeps research alive.

Scientific research has undoubtedly contributed to our understanding of the human psyche, individual performance, social relations, etc... That does not imply that the research that supports these "foundational claims" (which I'm not sure you adequately explained) is the end all be all to reality. All research and findings must be considered within the context that it was assembled, collected, accrued, etc... Even then, the research process can easily be manipulated, missrepresented, misunderstood, or misapplied. Multiculturalism is a relatively recent movement in the research process. It's done well to make research more considerate of cultural differences in functioning, but the task is far from complete. Until research is proven to be considerate of cultural differences and represents the factors that it claims to measure, I don't accept it as being completely generalizable to every populaton it claims it could apply to.

For you:

Whatever your understanding is of psychometric research, you are using it to propogate racist claims. Some of your other comments seem to support eugenics or some sort of biological basis for why differences exist between people of different ethnicities. You're not engaging in discourse, you are misrepresenting information to support personal beliefs in an easily consumable way.

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