CMV: I believe that the whole concept of your twenties being a growth period and too early to settle down is counterproductive.

I am completely with you on this. At 18-20 you act like a freaking adult. You are one. I moved 1500 miles away for school and because of my life(Sister had a chronic illiness and I was taught to be able to take over for my parents on her meds/ doctors if needed. Plus lived in and out of hospitals most my life), I had everything set, knew what to do and figured out how to optimize my life so I could have fun and still have money. IDK how many people I watched freak out when they left their parents controlled environment. It was fun to watch some assholes burn and not be able to do it. I helped those who were nice but still struggling. A lot of young adults aren't prepared for how life is and just break down when things don't work out for them. Then again, our education system doesn't help at all and parents completely forget about teaching that kind of stuff early enough for any kid to have it down. If a 18-26 is immature and has a bunch of issues, I blame the system and parents a little bit. Then I blame them for going out every weekend and spending their entire check on a bar tab/new accessory/new phone,which they can't afford but their credit card can, and next day wonder why they are always poor.

I was married at 22(she was 21). Everyone wonders why I did it. They think I'm crazy and stupid. I might be but I am going to put a ring on a gamer girl that loves bargain shopping, good body and a voice that doesn't make me want to shoot someone. I know a bunch of friends I have are enjoying the single life and doing a few girls and brag about it to me. Sometimes that gets to me but then again I hear about all their problems with girls, dating these days and also one got an STI from a girl. At least I don't have to deal with those things. Also I serious don't know how most singles do it these days with all of tinder, online dating and clubs scenes. Those aren't me so it was either lock it down with this wonderful girl that moved 1500 miles and handled 3 years of long distance with me, or be single probably for a long time.

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