CMV: I believe a world government is a good thing

We can alleviate this by having power allocated by population. The people of India and China could easily dictate how the world is run. Every region would work to make the world in its own image.

So, honest question: How, exactly, do you envision this working? Because even if non-intentional, it sounds like you're basically calling for a world in which we send a fruit basket to countries like South Korea with a sad face card saying, "Hey, guys, we voted on it and we're renaming you Goryeo. China, sorry, we mean Yuan Dynasty II, is your new regional overlord. Sure, you've lived through this before, and you have different languages, customs, values, laws, histories, cultures, religions, economic systems, fashions, music, but we can't tell the difference between all you squinty-eyed people, anyway, so we just want to lump you together."

I'm sure you didn't mean it that way and I totally agree with your first comment that "every part of the world does not have the same priorities and values" but doesn't that comment itself demonstrate how terrible of an idea this would be?

People don't like being governed by different cultures. The United Kingdom came very close to being split apart last year. A significant portion of Taiwan doesn't want to be governed by China. There are times I'm convinced the Southern United States may very well want to try and secede from the North, again (there was fringe talk of it in Texas not that long ago). And you're proposing having a population-based voting system that would effectively make Beijing head of a global region that is wildly diverse. It has countries like South Korea - where gays just held an American-style 1960's sit-in at city hall for the right to get married - and Brunei - where laws were recently passed to allow their execution as it isn't in compliance with Islamic scripture. There's no way you can reconcile that.

All I see is a recipe for World War III and totalitarianism.

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