CMV: Bernie Sanders talks a lot about ideas, but has no real way to implement those ideas and no outline of a policy to back his ideas up.

Lmao notice how Warren's plan includes taxing the fuck out of anyone that has a decent amount of money? Yeah, the wealth tax is bs, I'm sure you would feel the same way if you were trying to by a house or had any savings. It has been tried by ten European countries and 7 abandoned them because they realized (capitalism is good). If you tax the rich, nobody will put their money in circulation because it will get taken from them. People will just buy less traceable valuables such as diamonds or gold to ensure wealth. What a great idea. She wants to get all up into private companies business and break up companies, tax them, fuck up the economy. This woman is a complete moron. She wants to fine hospitals if they lose too many black infants. She makes a lot of promises, but it's all bs. Don't buy into it.

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