CMV: As a biologist, it hurts my brain to hear outright lies claimed as "facts" by trans community.

Lie no. 3 - puberty blockers are completely safe and reversible.

while puberty blockers are overall considered safe and puberty can be initiated at any time, to suggest that they're completely safe and there are no side effects is flat out a lie.

As somebody who has been on puberty blockers and is intimately familiar with any and all side effects of that, nothing here is a lie.

Calling puberty blockers safe and reversible is a perfectly okay high-level summary for laypeople and most claims to the contrary are usually based on misunderstandings; they are essentially dramatic readings of a package insert.

For example, anesthetics are also drugs that are safe and reversible. This does not mean that they anesthetics do not have side effects or risks; they do, and there is a reason why anesthesiology is its own specialty. But those risks are low and can be controlled if used properly.

Reversible does not mean that drugs come with a built-in time machine button. It means that normal physiological processes will resume if you stop giving them. This is absolutely true.

They are also safe. Obviously, in medicine, nothing is 100% safe. An injection can lead to tissue damage, for example. But the risks are low, because GnRH analogues have no known direct side effects; the side effects we are concerned about are those of a delayed puberty. If that is unsafe, we would have to disband USA Gymnastics yesterday, because gymnastics in teenage girls also commonly delays onset of puberty.

Compared to the risks of some other activities that teenagers often participate in (e.g. tackle football or horseback riding), the risks are actually pretty low.

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