CMV: Campaign finance reform could effectively enact Congressional term limits

its the exact opposite: the problem for challengers is lack of voice/impression on voters. campaign finance reform helps incumbents.

here's the problem

I would argue that name recognition, much of which is generated through advertisements, is a huge factor, possibly superseding the issues in some cases. In this way, I believe that if campaign contributions were limited,

without "campaign contributions" you have a sitting member of congress who has a variety of powers to increase name id and fav/unfav ratings (e.g. why franking was historically important). what does the rival have? the government is paying congressmen and their staff and a good part of what they do is related to re election. money equalizes.

the ability of special interest groups to influence (and elect) a candidate would be greatly reduced,

two problems here: one of the main places interest groups gain influence already is in providing expert knowledge to congress.

Because they are allowed to collect this money, it is my opinion that these organizations allow politicians to be effectively "bought" by special interest groups.

who plays who. The distinguished gentlemen may be an eddie murphy comedy but its accurate and written by people with political knowledge (including a speechwriter for Mondale). money in politics is nowhere near as simple as we like to think.

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