CMV: Cities like Chicago will become ghost towns due to incompetent leadership

Long post! I live right outside Seattle, attended some of the protests, had family at CHOP, and the city is certainly not going to die because of it. That's really kind of laughable. If people move away it will be due to real estate prices + more telework.

Also, IIRC, CHOP saw two deaths, not dozens. While not excusable, quite a bit of the violence that occurred was instigated/heightened by right-wing outsiders or existing local beef + increasing numbers of drug addicted and homeless camping there. CHOP was safe for families in the daytime, mostly just kind of cringey. Everyone knew it was a temporary thing.

When I was at the protests (pre-CHOP), it was all peaceful. Worst crime I saw was grafitti. People were helping each other, sharing advice, handing out earplugs, etc. Because the line of cops and National Guard in armor down the street were lobbing tear gas and flash bangs at them every night. There was no goal or real agenda. The police throwing tear gas made for some scary footage, but they were in most cases throwing things at people who then ran away and maybe regrouped. That was the story over and over again.

I have heard similar from people in Portland. The actual disruption to daily life is nothing vs covid. The media and right-wing mouthpieces, however, loves to paint a story of terror and burning. Why do they do that? Because they get both money and loyalty from the people who buy into it. My Fox-watching neighbors have a completely false narrative of events, are afraid for their lives, and don't believe me. Frustrating.

Anyways, Seattle is lovely, and you'd be perfectly safe visiting to see for yourself. :) I imagine you'd take issue with the homeless population though.

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