CMV: Comparing the policy of separating parents and children to the actions of Nazi Germany is wrong.

Straw man? You’re literally reiterating what I said...they want to keep it from getting out of hand. That easily transfers to the idea they think it will get out of hand, and eventually resemble nazi Germany. Step off the emotional rollercoaster for a second.

You said we’re in 1934. In 1934, the nazis executed their political rivals, opened a forced labor camp for political dissidents, and outlawed the opposition parties. These are the things that matter. Not words, not a stupid interpretation of an existing law.

Maybe we don’t know the exact definition of nazi anymore, but I don’t have a political axe to grind here, I just appreciate and do my best to read history. The nazi comparison is a mockery of historical fact and event, which I care about much more than our dumbass president calling illegal immigrants some nasty names.

Honestly, to compare Donald trumps government to nazi Germany gives waaaay too much credit to Donald trumps capabilities of being malicious.

Just remember, if the nazis has nuclear weapons, they’d have used them on their enemies, regardless of consequence, and would’ve gone out in a blaze of glory doing so, and the end of their country meant the end of civilized society. They proved that over and over and over again in the war. Our country’s ideology is nowhere close to as extreme as theirs, and it’s a historical joke to suggest as much.

Again, once the entire democratic congress is summarily executed and trump declares the 22nd amendment null and void (both of which should happen this year if it’s as bad as you think) I’ll be in the streets with you tearing DC apart to get to a dictator. 300 million people will join us. For now, just stop.

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